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Prioritising quality over quantity is what we offer. Caravans that can reliably traverse our great country. We offer a range of modern vans that are beautifully fitted out with the latest trends in interior features and layouts. Our skilled team at Suncoast Caravans is capable of bringing your customized touches and requirements to life and are able to cater for customers that require that special touch. We build our own caravans in our own facility right here in Somerton, Victoria.

"Once a Suncoaster, always a Suncoaster."

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Australian Made Caravans Built To Last

Welcome to Suncoast Caravans, an RVSA approved Australian made caravan manufacturing company based in Somerton Victoria. We provide caravans across Australia and New Zealand. Discover a world of freedom and comfort while enjoying all the conveniences of modern living. Our diverse range of caravans offer something for everyone from compact models for solo travellers to spacious family friendly units. Our team of experienced and skilled experts in designing and building accessibility features for adventurers with special needs.

Suncoast Caravans will work closely with you to fulfill your requirements when it comes to comfort and the intended use of your new van that suits your lifestyle. We have the expertise to thoughtfully design custom caravans to accommodate your every need. Suncoast Caravans are built with the confidence of high quality craftsmanship combining materials and equipment from leading suppliers in the industry. The Suncoast range features durable, well-built caravans to withstand the toughest weather conditions of Australia and New Zealand. These include a reinforced chassis and a variety of dirt road suspension systems. All this whilst complying with the quality standards of Australia and New Zealand. 

The interior of all Suncoast Caravans consists of a cozy, convenient, well-appointed living space, fully equipped kitchens, spacious sleeping areas and bathrooms. The layouts have been designed carefully in the best practicable way integrating vital components of a caravan with great focus on the maximum utilization of the available living space. Embark on your next journey with confidence. Directly contact our dealership network or contact Suncoast Caravans today to discuss bringing your dream caravan to life.

Why Choose Suncoast ?

Built For Strength

We integrate high quality raw materials prioritizing local suppliers during the manufacturing process. The Suncoast range is built on a sturdy foundation starting with the FP Chassis and a relentless focus on strength and durability. We pay careful attention to detail to ensure that your caravan will stand up to the rigors of wear and tear while preserving a welcoming living space.

Designed for Adventure

Suncoast caravans are equipped with cutting edge features and technology to enhance durability as well as security. From advanced braking systems to robust suspension setups, you can trust that your caravan will handle the challenges ahead just fine. All caravans are equipped with adequate off grid solutions for a realistic off grid experience.

Partnered with the best

A strong foundation starts with a quality Chassis. Suncoast Caravans are built upon a FP chassis, a leading chassis manufacturer in Australia. The structural integrity of Suncoast Caravans is maintained by the use of meranti timber or rust free aluminium framing in building your caravan. All Suncoast Caravans are properly sealed from the timber/aluminium stage and sealed further with a high quality industry leading bonding material.

We put you first

The Suncoast team is led by a strong management and build team with over a decade of experience on their hands in the caravan manufacturing industry. Customer satisfaction is our paramount focus which is why your needs will always be put first at Suncoast. We are always open for suggestions and can help with most special requirements so that each customer can have the full experience on their next adventure.

A safe home away from home

We understand well that the peace of mind on the road is crucial when it comes to safety. This is why safety is always put first in designing and choosing components that go into all Suncoast Caravans. They feature a range of enhancements including the assurance of structural integrity, advanced braking systems for safe towing, stability control features and well insulated electrical systems. Our caravans use triple lock entry doors to further give that peace of mind whilst away from your caravan or tucked up nice and tight at night.

Best After Care

For us, once a Suncoaster, always a Suncoaster. That’s why the Suncoast management has and always will be dedicated to providing extra care whenever our customers need it. A digital record of your Suncoast Caravan specifications is permanently maintained at our end so that we are fully familiar with your van to provide maximum assistance with any of your inquiries or to provide advice on upgrades. The skilled management and technicians at Suncoast will be available to help you out during our business hours.

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Buy with confidence
Explore Suncoast Caravans and make memories on your next adventure with confidence knowing that your safety was prioritized every step of the way to enhance your travel experience. Suncoast Caravans adopt the latest off grid technology so that you can reach points where others can’t. With unique exterior finishing and interior that are designed to balance comfort and ruggedness Suncoast offers you the freedom of exploring the open trails with confidence. Begin your Caravan Life style with Suncoast and let the road be your guide. Your next adventure awaits!


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