About Us - Caravan manufacturer In Australia

Experience, passion and an appreciation of what makes quality leisure time

Peter and Arch Sirilas launched Suncoast Caravans in early 2010. But with 40 years' experience in the caravan industry between them, they are far from newcomers – something strikingly evident in their top-of-the line, truly unique work.

At Suncoast Caravans, they understand that their product's significance extends directly to their customers' lifestyle, specifically their holidays and weekends away. It's the leisurely moments in life when we want to be truly at ease, our minds clear of stress and strain.

Peter and Arch know that by creating and crafting elegant, magnificent custom caravans, they can contribute to making such moments truly enjoyable and memorable. This drives the Suncoast Caravans philosophy and results in consistently impressive, reliable work.

Approachable, friendly and always keen to go the extra mile to ensure their customers understand the process and are comfortable with the product, the Suncoast Caravans team thrives on building great caravans for people keen on leisure, adventure and everything in between.

Peter and Arch make an art of delivering the finest custom designed and built caravans, because they know how important comfort and travel are to intrepid Australian travellers and campers. If the spirit of adventure and freedom to explore matter as much to you as they do to the Suncoast Caravans crew, have a chat to one of their dealers today - Call on (03) 8339 0412!